Monday, November 29, 2010

Who Will Survive In America? Kanye The Revolutionary!

Well Hip-Hop Heads If you haven't heard My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, run to your nearest record store or to your computer and buy it now!! Don't walk!! RUN!! This album has restored my faith in this genius of a man! Mr. West!! He has definitely gone a little nuts but we need that don't we? This album is 14 tracks of Revolution!! Hip-Hop marching through the streets of America!! I love every track but I would have to say my top 5 are "Dark Fantasy" "All of the Lights" "Monster" "So Appalled" "Devil in a New Dress"  and of course "Lost In The World" which sparked me to write this This song damn near brought me to tears.  Yes TEARS! that's how much music can move a real lover like myself!! Kanye is fighting for us!! Everyone knows how I feel about this music industry, the Secret Society shit etc.. but pushing all that aside you cannot deny GOOD music and simple and plain that's what Kanye has Blessed us with!! On "Hell Of A Life he is clearly telling some bitch off!! You decide which one? 

"I think I just fell in love with a porn starTurn the camera on, she a born star
Turn the corners in a foreign car
Call the coroners do the CPR
She gave that old nigga a ulcer
Her bitter sweet taste made his gold teeth fake, uh
Make her knees shake, make a priest faint, uh
Make a nun cum, make her cremate, uh
Move downtown, cop a sweet space, uh
Livin’ life like we won the sweepstakes, what!
We headin’ to hell for heaven’s sake, Huh!
Well I’mma levitate, make the devil wait, Yeah!"

Mr. West beautifully tells a story of shame, triumph and Revolution on this one. Not to mention some of the dopest beats I've ever had the pleasure of hearing!! Truly MAGNIFICENT!! Kanye co-producing every beat what else is to be expected but greatness!! Listening to it over and over and now of course I just hear the conviction in Kanye's delivery. As if he wants to say "I mean this bitch!" Every lyric every line is strategic and clever without trying to be, because its the truth! The beats are melodic but bring the boom!! The Congo's on Lost In The World damn near made me lose it!! Truly Amazing!! He is done being fucked with and out for blood!! Who Wants It??

Dark Fantasy

All Of The Lights

Monster(G.O.O.D. Friday Release as well)

So Appalled(G.O.O.D. Friday Release as well)

Devil In A New Dress(G.O.O.D. Friday Release as well)

Lost In The World


  1. I have to say that this album is truly a bounce back to West in his artistic form. Though, there are still hints of that self conflict that he plastered on the airways in 808's and Heartbreaks.

    As for him fighting for us - I am unsure. This is more of a fight for himself to be accepted in this music industry that continues to write him off due to his slight arrogance and non-music related issues.

    Though, I have been a serious fan since 'All Falls Down' and 'Through The Wire' so I am willing to stick this thing out with him.

  2. Thanks for Reading!! I do agree this is a huge bounce back for Kanye!! I loved 808's and Heartbreaks but that's prolly because I just love Kanye. I dont believe the industry ever will ever write Kanye off, he knows when its time to back off! lol which is good because then he comes back with wonderful music like this!! Thank You for your comment and keep reading! :-)