Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fiend Returns with COOKINSOUL: #IRONCHEF

Well Yall know I had to post the homie @Fiend4DaMoney latest mixed tape #IronChef for yall to enjoy!!
Fiend teams back up with @CookinSoul for another classic smash... and just in time for 4/20 . Filled with COOKIN SOUL Classic Soul  samples and of course the J.L.R family.. Fiend keepin it straight Bawse and of Course KEEPIN IT JAZZ....


  • Intro
  • 2.Champagne ft. Curren$y
  • 3.Mirror
  • 4.Nobody rides for free ft. Daz Kurupt
  • 5.PSA Your Lady
  • 6.Ol Habits ft. Trademark Skydiver
  • 7.StreetPlayer
  • 8.Why we do ft. CornerBoy P
  • 9.Outro

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

RIP Heavy D Remember The "Overweight Lover"

May 24, 1967-November 8, 2011 (aged 44)
As you all have heard, Heavy D died yesterday at his home in Los Angeles.  According to several media outlets there is no offical "Cause of Death" yet.  Here are some Heavy D Videos to remember his amazing work and Contribution to Hip-Hop. His songs were fun, feel good music... You must respect his ability to live his dream without promoting violence or degrading women.  May he rest in peace and Peace and Love to his Family.  Remember his energy and his wonderful spirit!! Heavy D was one of the best Hip Hop Performers Ever!! He rocked a stage and was a great MC.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Music! Big K.R.I.T. ft. 8Ball, MJG & 2 Chainz - Money On The Floor

New Video From Big K.R.I.T Money on the Floor ft 8Ball, MJG & 2 Chainz. This is the first single from his Debut Album "Live from the Underground dropping in 2012 on Cinematic Music Group/Def Jam Records

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Smokers Club Tour Chicago with JennieBeat & CandorFilms

Exclusive Backstage and Perfomance Footage from the Smokers Club 2 Chicago Show!! Big Krit and Curren$y. Interviews With Fiend International Jones (@Fiend4DaMoney )and DJ BomshellBoogie (@BomshellBoogie )

Filmed by: Candace Candor Films 
Edited by: Candace Candor Films

Directed by: Jennie Beat 

 Follow us on Twitter @JennieBeat & @CandorFilms 
Candor Films Facebook
Special Thanks to @MOUSA54
 @twitmealso @bridgebuildingT
Special Shoutout to @DaniccaCity

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Local Heat: Local Spot for Local Talent! The Rap Factory

THE RAP FACTORY 2315 W. Fullerton 
 If you are looking for Local Heat, then  you gotta make your way to the Rap Factory.  This is the spot to showcase your talent and network with Chicago's Underground Hip Hop Connects. Owned by Big Mel, a well known Artist and business owner, he has taken this small club and transformed it into a Local Hip Hop hub!!! Allowing Artists to perform, battle, shoot music videos etc.  Combined with a Great D.J! D.J Nero is one of the best Local D.J's I've heard in   a while... Check him out on FB @ ChicagoDJNero For More info on Booking Shows and Everything Rap Factory Contact Big Mel on FB @
Big Mel or Contact Their Club Manager Duble R on FB @ DubleRdaGreat

Local Heat: Underground Chicago Hip-Hop T.One
Sup HipHop Heads!! Got Some Local Heat For you!!! Check Out T.One. This dude is that REAL Chicago Rap.  Born and Raised South Side his Lyrics speak the streets... It's Simply Good Music.  Check Out T.One's latest mixed tape  Me, Myself, and The Chi on his  Website and Follow T.One on Twitter
T.One is currently working on a new Project entitled "The Glory"  which will feature all original tracks... Stay Tuned!

Official ChicagoJetLife Curren$y Signs Sir Michael Rocks to J.L.R.

Good News Chicago JetLifers.  Monday Curren$y announced on his twitter that SirMichaelRocks is officially JetLife. "Roll one for @SirMichaelRocks for he is indeed Jet Life Official.... Pop a bottle for dat man."  Trending #MickeyRocksIsJetLife. Spitta has signed Mikey to Jet Life Recordings.  So now we have official #ChicagoJetLife!

Now the question is What's up with the Cool Kids?? No split announced, but with this new signing it may be headed in that direction.  I certainly hope not! We'll just have to wait and see... I look forward to the AMAZING music from him and with the Jets backing you up it's sure to be Fly!!!

Check Out Sir Michael Rocks recent Mixtape! Premier Politics  Download Here >>  Premier Politics 

1. Merry Go Round
2. Wassup
3. Thank God
4. She Gotta Have
5. Too Short Back (Ft. Shorty K & Tris J)
6. Get It Together (Ft. Casey Veggies)
7. Stop The Show (Ft. Boldy James & Payroll Of DBCO)
8. Cell Dope
9. Brite
10. Neiman Marcus Swag
11. I’m Doggin
12. Mr. T
13. I Can’t Go (Ft. DJ Thunder)
14. Slice (Ft. Shorty K)
15. Fast Car
16. Miss Jane (Ft. Jeremih)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

NEW MUSIC:Fiend International Jones "Smokin Champagne"

After much anticipation and twitter damn near blowing up, Fiend released  his 5th mixtape this year. Entitled "Smokin' Champagne"  If you've been following Jones on his travels you've experienced some amazing music. Conceptually this tape is similar to past tapes. Pure Jazz and Elegance.  Hosted by Don Cannon, who is exceptional in his own right.. This is a great combo.  Fiend takes you on a mental European Tour. Remaining true to the Street sound though, its like a perfect marriage.  Comparable to A lady in the Streets and A Freak in the Streets..   I get this feeling of Ships, Flights, and Smokin the Best of the Best..   Join Fiend on his travels... See the World! You won't regret it.

Favorite Tracks: "Keep The Lights On" Ft.Backbone
                                                                                                              "Buzzin" Ft. Nesby Phips
                                                                                                               "Florence, Italy"

Download "Smokin' Champagne"  on

For more updates on Fiend Check out his website at Fiend Digital.Com
Follow Fiend On Twitter

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Local Heat: Underground Chicago Hip-Hop "DRE"

Dre has been grinding so hard this year!! Constantly promoting on twitter and recording non-stop! An artist by nature this guy is well rounded and his talents are endless.  His "All-In, Overdue" tape released in July did very well with Downloads and Plays. I've been following this guys music for a while and though I love his sound, All In is completely different from the Dre I was introduced to a year or so ago. I'm excited to hear his new Mixtape "Dreams May Come: The Prequel" Dropping in November.
Check Out Dre and Download his latest tape "All In, Overdue" on ReTwedia also Follow Dre on Twitter @dre_GBM For ALL Things Dre Check Out his Website 

Favorite Tracks:

"Peter Pan"

"So Many Tears"

Out November 21st!

Local Heat: Underground Chicago Hip-Hop "DUKE"

Ok Hip Hop heads!! Here's who I've been listening to lately... Check out this Chicago Artist! Bringing that REAL!!!

I was sleeping on this cat, He submitted music to The Beat and when I finally listened I was pleasantly surprised   Duke has a natural sound.  Lyrics just flow.. Bringing that real, his material is mostly focused on his grind. Be sure to cop his mixtape "Growing Pains" due for release in December. Check Out Duke on Sound Cloud and Follow him on twitter @Chicago_Duke for updates and show dates.  
Favorite Tracks:   Movement ft. Pavy by Chicago_Duke 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Spitta Live from "New Jet City" VerdeTerrace hosted by DJ Drama

Wassup JetLifers??? As you all know Curren$y relased his heavily antcipated mixtape Verde Terrace hosted by DJ Drama "Gangsta Grillz" 
Spitta brings a different vibe with this one... Still keepin it JetLife of course but a little more up-tempo.  Reminding his fans of the JetLife
Commandments with tracks like "Job" and  "Jet Business" and letting his friends shine on Tracks like "Hennesy Beach" ft. Dom Kennedy and "Crack BC" ft Young Roddy (Roddy killed that track by the way)
On this tape I feel a vibe of Boss Hood, Spitta is very relaxed (as usual).  The BEAT selection is impeccable and Drama keeps his tags minimal (Thankfully) he didn't over Gangsta Spitta shit :)
On Verde, Curren$y spitts over a mixture of original productions and tries his hand at other artist's instrumentals. OutKast's "Elevators" was used for  "Smoke Sum'n," and Jay-Z's "Stick 2 the Script" morphed into "Ways to Kill Em."
Download Verde Terrace Here Verde Terrace Dat Piff
1. Job

2. The Jet Business

3. Pinifarina

4. Hennessy Beach (Feat. Dom Kennedy)

5. Car Talk

6. Smoke Sum’n

7. Run Dat Shit

8. One For Da Wave

9. Sky Miles (Feat. Willie The Kid)

10. Crack BC (Feat. Young Roddy)

11. High Tunes

12. Music To Ride To (Feat. Trademark Da Skydiver & Young Roddy)

13. My Life Is A Movie (Feat. Mr. Marcello)

14. Ways To Kill Em

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Duble R: Hottest Puertorican Rapper In Da Chi!!

Sup Hip Hop Heads, B-Boys, B-Girls.... Rap Enthuisasts and Bad Bitches ! :) I got someone new I'd like to introduce yall to!

So I went to the Mad Decent Block Club Party on Milwaukee and Western to see Spitta.  It was an Awesome show! Spitta held it down for #ChicagoJetLife as usual! Afterwards I'm in Mickey D's to grab a liter lol and this PuertoRican guy with a sign around his neck is in there promoting himself...  I gladly gave him 5 bux for a CD and asked if I could here somethin... This dude Spitt an entire song right in front of me.
His Peers and Fans has named him
 "The Hottest Puertorican rapper in The Chi",
and he definetly lives up to the Title. His music is not the typical Latino HipHop, still high energy but street with it.  Keepin it straight hood, clever and well written.
He has bars for days, and the skills to match! He's on that REAL HipHop shit and bringing his team along with him!  Check Out Duble R Music Here

Check Out his Youtube Also Follow Duble R on Twitter for info on Booking and Events.  Follow @DubleRdaGreat 

Be on the Look Out for his E.P Da Underdog Dropping soon!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Man Of The Hour: New Music from Fiend Intl. Jones "Cool Is In Session"


Fiend "International Jones" has finally released his newest project "Cool Is In Session." 

Following his exceptional Life Behind Limo Glass Mixtape Fiend returns with Cool Is In Session.  This tape showcases his smooth sound.. That pure N.O style. He integrates Jazz, Blues and R&B with heavy base lines and Dope Lyrics.  Fiend's sound is fresh and his lyrics are REAL.  Speaking of mostly two things Pretty women and Good Weed, but don't get me wrong his lyrics are not empty... He's eloquent. There's a level of class that is untouchable. 

Conceptually giving you a lesson in COOL. A instruction manual if you will.. with commentary on how to live that JetLife/IronGang Life...

The tape features other members of the JetLife family of course Smoke DZA and CornerBoy P on two of my favorite tracks "Take A Pull" and "We Get High"  Mr. Jones has had his fans on edge waiting for this release, tweeting constantly and releasing tracks at his leisure.  This is why I fux with the JetLife. Still keeping it grassroots Fiend responds to the luv sent to him on twitter never too busy to RT a shoutout from a follower (especially the pretty ones) :) I mean he is  an International Man of Mystery. 

If you looking for some shit too groove too, smoke too chill too, go and Download Cool Is In Session here  #COOLISINSESSION  Also follow Fiend on twitter @FIEND4DAMONEY


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can The D.J. Get Some? JetLife DJ... DJBomshellBoogie

So I didn't know who the D.J for the JetLife tour was untill I was actually at the Chicago Show!!! Out walks this buxom woman with a in jeans and a tank top... Jetlifers next to me exclain DAAAYYUMMM is that the D.J.? :) I'm thinkin Okkkkk I Dig!   Ms Boogie killed that night.  She kept the crowd hyped mixin before the show began and throughout the show.  I was very pleased to see a woman holding it down on a ALL male tour!! Not even just that because the fact that she's a woman d.j. is beyond the point this girl got skills, she's humble, and stays connected to her fans.  Follow her on twitter here Follow DJ BomshellBoogie also check out her Mixes on her website BomshellBoogie.TV

Her tapes are a wide variety and of course she throws in that JETLIFE :)
download her latest GRoove LOunge Vol 7 and let it ride...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Grown Man Flow" Fiend International Jones

The "Barry White of Hip Hop" that's what I'm calling this guy. I learned of him through I've had his mixtape "Sweetest Hangover"  on repeat for about 3days... This is some real sexy HipHop right here.  If you tryna make your girl swoon, throw on some Fiend and you in there! His deep baritone voice puts you in the mood of some silk soul over dope beats... Definetly some of that smooth HipHop... Get you a bottle of whatever you're in to and spark you a doob... lay back and let Fiend take you to that special place! Enjoy!

Here are a couple of my favorite tracks off the "Sweetest Hangover"

Baby Video