Friday, December 17, 2010

Mtv's Mixtape Daily Awards!! Who Made The Cut?

As we bring this year to an end fellow Hip Hop Heads, let us reflect on this incredible mixtapes that had us wakin and baken, Blowin Money Fast and had the kiddies yellin FLOOOOCKA out of their car windows... So here's the list and comments on a few that I couldn't stop bangin!  All I wanna know is where is SPITTA!! Curren$y Smokee Robinson deserves to be on this list! Or maybe I just think that because I'm a JET! haha

 I'm very excited to see K.R.I.T on this list!! This mixtape caught my eye and opened up a refreshing new outlook on MC's from Mississippi.  (Finally The REAL from Mississippi! Big K.R.I.T

Chicago's very own L.E.P. Bogus Boys took the streets by storm with this one!! L.E.P. keeps it straight Chi-Town with a great mixture of smooth but hard hitting BEATS.  Giving you an everyday look into Chicago's HoodLife!

J.Cole Brought the REAL back. His Style and Sound is so original. This kid has a bright future ahead of him (Roc Nation: J.Cole bringing that REAL back

Well Waka Flocka, everyone knows how I feel about this dude. He is definetly a sad exscuse for an "Artist" but the Kids Love him so Congrats on a "Great" year Waka even though you couldn't write a coherent sentence if your life depended on it.

Man Man Man, Wale went so Hard on this... I mean you can hear the spit on the mic! Definition of a muthafuckin MC! Classic Epic and all that other shit you wanna pound on this! AMAZING
Classic Smokin music... Don't roll up without it!
(Marijuana Music


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