Sunday, January 2, 2011

Look Out For: iLL-iteracy, Rah Flair, T1, and Dre

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First up Ill-iteracy from Virginia.. 
Group Members: Chris Prythm, Will Spitwell, 
Speek Eazy, Young Observe
Listen to  ILL-iteracy on Reverb 
Download  latest Mixtape "The Ensembly Line" at their Official Website. 

This group has a fresh sound over amazing original and sampled  Beats.  Very soulful.  Every Member can spit!! Which is rare these days.. Lyrically bringing that conscious fire.. 
Tracks To Hear:  Is that What's RiLL? You Can't See Me
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Rah Flair is a hot Rapper/Producer from Detroit.. Bringing that classic Mowtown flava from The D.  His sound is strong and very original... Download his Album "Notice The Difference" on Itunes HERE and preview his music and Bio on SonicBids Rah Flair on SonicBids  Rah's music is definitely that party soul.. Jazz infused with Raw HipHop. 

Tracks To Hear: Detroit Nights, My Home, and Come Close
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T.1 is The self proclaimed "Artsit Of The People" Born and Raised on the South Side of Chicago.  Look out for this dude in 2011 he is sure to be making strides in his career.  Great Raw energy and Street sound.. Still bringing that REAL.. No bubble gum chain slanging rap from  T.1 
Check him out on Reverb T1 on Reverb

  Tracks To Hear: Best and My Cool
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                                                                                                                                          LOCAL HEAT

Dre is back after taking a little break from music.. He is from Chicago, his sound is certainly his own and uniquely "Artsy" at least that's my opinion.  Coming from a musical background he has lived and breathed music since a young child... Check Out Dre on Reverb Dre On Reverb His mixtape will be out Jan. 24 Mark Your Calendars!!
Tracks To Hear: Damn Near There and Zone'n  
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