Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Beat The Mission

Hip-Hop is in the state of emergency! The culture is under attack. How did we let this happen?? We meaning the listener,the fan, and most importantly the consumer. we have been "glamorized" by the champaigne sippin', ass shakin, gun blazin, rap of today. what was once special and unique, is now watered down and fake. our music has sold its soul to the devil!! along with the whole industry, trading in simple but powerful BEATS and REAL Mc-ing for fruity loop Boom Boom Clap and melodic whining. Meanwhile the female MC has been reduced to a plastic "BARBIE" who sounds like she spittin nursery rhymes. Reflecting on the current state of Hip-Hop I decided to write how I felt down and it turned into this. I always found myself coming back to "The BEAT" when you first hear a song before the rapper says a word you hear the beat... and if you're like me within 30 seconds you know whether u feeling the song. The BEAT is the foundation of the track, the base for a great MC to show his skills.

I've been searching for a sound that gives me that feeling again. Like Taye Diggs said in Brown Sugar "I miss the way Hip-Hop used to make me feel, It was like AIR" OK so that's hella corny. but it's so true! Remember when they actually played artists like Common and Mos Def on the radio!! I know crazy concept!! Now all we hear are songs like Oh Lets Do It and LOL Smiley Face!! What happened to requesting songs on the radio? I called a very well known Chicago Hip-Hop radio station during the "request hour" and asked them to play Curren$y-Life Under The Scope. The DJ or should I say intern said "WHO?" I said "Curren$y you know The Hot Spitta? from New Orleans. He Replies "Oh you mean that dude that made where da cash at?" I replied yes and he says "Well you want us to just play that?" I hung up...

After that little experience I decided to write this. Its time to pursue the REAL!! Live for THE BEAT!! Support Independent Hip-Hop!! Through my journey to find real music I plan to share everything with you, and all i ask you to do is share it with others.

Thanx For Listening

-Jennie Beat
Now Playing- Curren$y-Audio Dope-Smokee Robinson


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