Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dancing Rasins

In today's industry you don't really need talent!! This is painfully obvious with artists like Roscoe Dash. On his new single "Show out", the lyrics are so wack and and incoherent. It honestly sounds like he is rhyming with a steaming pile of shit in his mouth! (remember my blog, my BEAT) but seriously if are over 16 you have no business listening to this gibberish. When did we let this happen?? Its like we just put our Hip-hop on a silver platter and handed it over!

Now, don't get me wrong I listen to Soulja Boy on occasion. He was the first to start this "Dance Rap"(Beat Genre) after he had his first run, all the other teeny bopper dance dudes came out of know where.(Riding his coat tails) I must say I respect him, he put himself "on" and grinds hard. I've seen growth on They're like roaches they don't die they multiply and once they check-in they don't check-out! Demanding that we do the "ricky bobby" and go swag surfin, should these artists be taken seriously?? Or should we move on? Has it ran its course? That's for you to decide but PLEASE DO NOT CALL IT HIP-HOP!!!

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