Monday, April 4, 2011

Curren$y's Covert Coup Album Art! and Muscle Car Chronicles Updates

Spitta's next project Covert Coup is set to released on 4/20 as a free album download! Produced entirley by The Alchemist, whom I am not familar with, but very excited to hear his work... Knowing Spitta dont fuck with no garbage production

Curren$y signed with Warner Bros in Febuary  for his imprint Jet Life Recordings J.L.R. Still keeping it independent his next studio Album Muscle Car Chronicles is set for release in early May... Hardest working Stoner i've ever seen.  He hasnt left his friends behind Trademark and Roddy also have projects in the works! Not to mention all the dope tracks they've been releasing via  Jets Fool Blog (click Here For Downloads) So excited for Covert Coup! Couldn't find a Tracklist but I'll keep ya posted! JET LIFE...  (For all updates on Spitta and everything Jets hit up JetsFool.Blogspot.Com and Follow the owner and creater on twitter FollowJack

1. BBS

2. The Type f. Prodigy

3. Blood Sweat and Gears f. Fiend

4. Ventilation

5. Life Instructions f. Smoke DZA

6. Smoke Break

7. Double 0 7

8. Scottie Pippen f. Freddie Gibbs

9. Full Metal

10. Coming Up

Here is the album art and tracklist for Muscle Car Chronicles courtesy of

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