Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Big Sean Finally, Finally Famous THE ALBUM! May 3rd

After realeasing the Finally Famous vol 3 mixtape and generating MAJOR buzz Big Sean's first studio album Finally Famous is set for release May 3rd under G.O.O.D Music/ DefJamLabel. 

Sean told Smoking Section via phone conference that the album is not complete yet but Kanye, Mike Posner, and Pharrell will make the final tracklist. 

He says new music is in the works with Curren$y and other artists.. possibly a BigSean&Curren$y mixtape?? Let's hope!!

I am really diggin this dude... His sound is fresh, unique, and cocky! I like that! He knows he's the shit! BOIII haha. His lyrics are bold and d irect. Some may argue that he's plain rude! Sean is the BadBoy Asshole that all the ladies want and all the guys want to be like.  If you don't have a sense of humor Big Sean is not for you..

Special Thanks to my friend Jonathan for puttin me on this dude!! (you happy now?)
Finally Famous 3 stays on repeat in my ear here are some of my fav tracks and his new single with Chris Brown "My Last"

My Last

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