Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can The D.J. Get Some? JetLife DJ... DJBomshellBoogie

So I didn't know who the D.J for the JetLife tour was untill I was actually at the Chicago Show!!! Out walks this buxom woman with a in jeans and a tank top... Jetlifers next to me exclain DAAAYYUMMM is that the D.J.? :) I'm thinkin Okkkkk I Dig!   Ms Boogie killed that night.  She kept the crowd hyped mixin before the show began and throughout the show.  I was very pleased to see a woman holding it down on a ALL male tour!! Not even just that because the fact that she's a woman d.j. is beyond the point this girl got skills, she's humble, and stays connected to her fans.  Follow her on twitter here Follow DJ BomshellBoogie also check out her Mixes on her website BomshellBoogie.TV

Her tapes are a wide variety and of course she throws in that JETLIFE :)
download her latest GRoove LOunge Vol 7 and let it ride...

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