Thursday, July 28, 2011

Man Of The Hour: New Music from Fiend Intl. Jones "Cool Is In Session"


Fiend "International Jones" has finally released his newest project "Cool Is In Session." 

Following his exceptional Life Behind Limo Glass Mixtape Fiend returns with Cool Is In Session.  This tape showcases his smooth sound.. That pure N.O style. He integrates Jazz, Blues and R&B with heavy base lines and Dope Lyrics.  Fiend's sound is fresh and his lyrics are REAL.  Speaking of mostly two things Pretty women and Good Weed, but don't get me wrong his lyrics are not empty... He's eloquent. There's a level of class that is untouchable. 

Conceptually giving you a lesson in COOL. A instruction manual if you will.. with commentary on how to live that JetLife/IronGang Life...

The tape features other members of the JetLife family of course Smoke DZA and CornerBoy P on two of my favorite tracks "Take A Pull" and "We Get High"  Mr. Jones has had his fans on edge waiting for this release, tweeting constantly and releasing tracks at his leisure.  This is why I fux with the JetLife. Still keeping it grassroots Fiend responds to the luv sent to him on twitter never too busy to RT a shoutout from a follower (especially the pretty ones) :) I mean he is  an International Man of Mystery. 

If you looking for some shit too groove too, smoke too chill too, go and Download Cool Is In Session here  #COOLISINSESSION  Also follow Fiend on twitter @FIEND4DAMONEY


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