Monday, August 29, 2011

Spitta Live from "New Jet City" VerdeTerrace hosted by DJ Drama

Wassup JetLifers??? As you all know Curren$y relased his heavily antcipated mixtape Verde Terrace hosted by DJ Drama "Gangsta Grillz" 
Spitta brings a different vibe with this one... Still keepin it JetLife of course but a little more up-tempo.  Reminding his fans of the JetLife
Commandments with tracks like "Job" and  "Jet Business" and letting his friends shine on Tracks like "Hennesy Beach" ft. Dom Kennedy and "Crack BC" ft Young Roddy (Roddy killed that track by the way)
On this tape I feel a vibe of Boss Hood, Spitta is very relaxed (as usual).  The BEAT selection is impeccable and Drama keeps his tags minimal (Thankfully) he didn't over Gangsta Spitta shit :)
On Verde, Curren$y spitts over a mixture of original productions and tries his hand at other artist's instrumentals. OutKast's "Elevators" was used for  "Smoke Sum'n," and Jay-Z's "Stick 2 the Script" morphed into "Ways to Kill Em."
Download Verde Terrace Here Verde Terrace Dat Piff
1. Job

2. The Jet Business

3. Pinifarina

4. Hennessy Beach (Feat. Dom Kennedy)

5. Car Talk

6. Smoke Sum’n

7. Run Dat Shit

8. One For Da Wave

9. Sky Miles (Feat. Willie The Kid)

10. Crack BC (Feat. Young Roddy)

11. High Tunes

12. Music To Ride To (Feat. Trademark Da Skydiver & Young Roddy)

13. My Life Is A Movie (Feat. Mr. Marcello)

14. Ways To Kill Em

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