Monday, June 28, 2010

College Kid Fresh: Look Out For A.D.

I heard of this kid through a friend of mine.  His name is Alex "A.D." Davis and he is definitely someone to take a listen to.  His most recent work is The Blunt Chronicles a mixtape he says was made for the pot heads. With tracks like Mary Jane ft K. James (K.James Twitter) and Roll You Up ft Savage, L.B., and Brandon Bryant. Also  a dedication to his mother called Ain't No Woman I beg to differ I took a close listen and it definitely can appeal to other crowds.  Download The Blunt Chronicles A.D. flow is very natural and piercing with a range I haven't heard in a while.  He's very clever with the lyrics but is also very eloquent.

Currently a student at BGSU in Bowling Green,Ohio this soon to be college junior has a bright future and career ahead of him. Getting major buzz on the college scene and recently opening up for Wale at a concert on his campus He has this "College Kid" appeal kinda nerdy but still flyy!  He gets the party started but gets to class on time the next day quite baked though.  I cant quite pin his sound to a location because this guy is from all over.  As he told me during a quick interview:

 "I was raised n Dayton, Ohio, but made in San Antonio, Texas....(he continues)  got family all over from new york to Cali lived n Washington Heights, New York this past may n now I'm staying down n D.C.for the remainder the summer."

Who are your influences? musically?What u listening to now?And who is your audience?

"I'm a big fan of Jadan D-Blocc, Nas, Dmx, 50, Wayne, J.cole, Wiz (Khalifa) that's wut i be listenin to as well (he laughs) My audience is anyone who like that feel good music."

If you could make a living independent like Curren$y or Wiz would u do it?

"I love it and that's all i wanna do is get paid to do shows n live good,I wanna be able to give all my music out for free and just get paid by promoters n club owners to perform.  I love my fans so I think they should receive the music for free, my music is my passion n I want other people to feel it"

That's real shit its nice to hear that...

"Just how I feel" (he laughs)

Anything coming up you want people to look out for?

"Rescue Me" mixtape comes out on 9/11/2010; MLH Studios(MLHStudioTwitter) is where I do all my recording" (located in BowlingGreen)

Everyone "Look Out For" Alex Davis he is sure to be on your screen and in your ipods soon!! I will be bringing you more "Look Out For" artists weekly!! If you know someone that you feel we should "Look Out for shoot me an email with their bio,contact info, and "lookoutfor" in the subject box. EmailJennieBeat 

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