Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ron Artest: Champion Yes! MC?? Nooooo

OK so I'm sure everyone remembers Ron Artest's Post Championship Interview where he thanked The Hood, His Family and Psychiatrist! But did he say his Single is dropping?? He's a rapper?? Yes indeed, well sort of! This post may be a little off topic but I couldn't resist! lmao Here it is courtesy of WorldStarHipHop Artest skills are lacking but the Beat is kinda dope!! and you know Jennie's all about The Beat! (yea i kno) Check It Out! By the way go to his website, I'm sure this will have you in stitches...why do ball players always want to rap? I just don't get it!


Here's the Post-Championship Interview just for kicks!! This nigga craaazyyy! lol

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